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If you are looking for noticeable skin rejuvenation without the downtime, discomfort, and expense of surgery, trust Avleen Skincare for the latest in state-of-the-art laser Photofacial treatments.

Complementary Consultation and Patch Test is Required For the best suitable results and pricing.

Clinical Skincare Treatments are performed by trained professionals only. Book Your Complementary consultation today 

Dermaplaning -$75


(collagen induction therapy)

Venus Freeze & Photo Facials 

Tightening & Lifting Facial-$125

Minimize the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and rhytides for noticeably more youthful-looking skin.Uses Mp2 technology that combines both polar electro magnetic field and radio frequency which stimulates firming collagen production, increases the blood flow and oxygen to your skin for contouring & tightening.

Group of 6 treatments are required for best suitable result (Buy 5 get 6th free)

Photo Facials/ Laser Rejuvenation-$175

(Appearance of Fine lines, Freckles,Skin Lightning & Tightening,Sun/Age spots, large pores, uneven pigment, melasma,Scars,Loss of skin tone)

Group of 3-4 Treatments are required for best suitable result ( Buy 3 get 4th Free)

TREATMENT COST AND PKGS can be discussed upon skin consultation

Pigmented Lesions Treatments

Improves the appearance of skin by minimizing or eliminate

appearance of Fine lines, Freckles (Ephelides),Skin Lightning & Tightening,

Sun/Age spots, large pores, uneven pigment, Melasma,Scars,Loss of skin tone.

Photofacial and Photo Rejuvenation 30 minutes Treatment


Neck & Decollete

Face Rosacea

Cheeks, Nose & chin or Forehead 

Vascular/ Pigmentation Treatments

Unwanted blood vessels commonly known as spider veins can appear on the legs, face and other parts of the body. These tiny veins are usually blue or purplish. Spider vein treatment in our clinic can be accomplished quickly and comfortably through the use of advanced laser technology.

(For Face & Body)

Port Wine Stains


Leg Veins

Venous Malformations



Spider Veins (Telangicatasias)

For best results, photofacials should be performed in a series of 4-6 sessions every 3-5 weeks.

Be sure to protect yourself from sun exposure during these treatments with SPF 30+

Avoid Tanning minimum 2 weeks before treatment.

Using Retin-A, Acutane Retinol & Hydroquinone should be avoided throughout the duration of your treatment.

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